by Toilet Sounds

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released August 19, 2015

Guest vocals on song 5: Mister Doctor Professor DJ Mayonnaise
Guest vocals and guitar solo on song 7: Nekrophillikwizvrd



all rights reserved


Toilet Sounds Boston, Massachusetts

Trve avant garde experimental transcendental slam metal

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Track Name: Striped Sweater [Huminuhhuminuhhuminuhhuminuhhuminuh]
The best time
To wear a striped sweater
Is all the time
One with a collared
That's the kind
'Cause when you're wearing
That one special sweater
Track Name: Intelligently Designed To Be The Soundtrack Used For Recreational Torture (Specifically Mutilation Of The Phalanges And Mastication Of Severed Tarsals)
There ain't no lyrics fool
Track Name: #StopAdamSandler
The song doesn't say this but Adam Sandler needs to be stopped
Track Name: OklaUrMomMa (Feat. Mister Doctor Professor DJ Mayonnaise)
U're a real champ if u listen to the entire thing
Track Name: Eww Nigga You Smell Like French Fries (Wecamewithbrokenteeth Cover)
I don't think there are real words in this song
Track Name: "There's No Such Thing As Bad Music"
There is no such thing as bad music bro. Everything is just subjective in your opinion. There is nothing that is objectively horrible music, not even this song. I mean, by this persons logic you can pretty much compare this song to maudlin of the Well's Bath. Pretty much any song is equal to this one because you know, everything is subjective and nothing can just- You can have whatever you want, it can be a blender sound, it doesn't matter, because everything is subjective, everything is good, nothing is bad.

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Track Name: Bone Splinters
Lyrics are for posers