A No U In The Northern Happy Meal

by Toilet Sounds/_bleak

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Split EP from Toilet Sounds and _bleak


released August 28, 2015




all rights reserved


Toilet Sounds Boston, Massachusetts

Trve avant garde experimental transcendental slam metal

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Track Name: Toilet Sounds - The Ronald McDonald Incident
It all started as any other day
A small meal captured my way
Little did I know
A predator lurked in the shadowy depths
Of the hunting grounds
Feasting on the corpse of a long deceased catch
My stalker gained his ground
Before I knew what happened
Sharp pain
As he sunk his fangs deep into my neck
Agony erupts
Sucking out my blood
"God what have you done?"
As he goes I question what he did to me
The vile creature begins to flee
With a sinister grin
He reveals
He is the trve Ronald McDonald
Teeming with evil
He must feast on the living to continue his undead life
Track Name: Toilet Sounds - Transformation Of The Wretched
Insatiable hunger
Desire to kill
Tonight is the night I must feed

Cast off all precaution
Succumb to the wretched beast within
For far too long I've kept the monster
Tamed inside of me
Tender flesh torn apart
Succulent liquid flowing through powerful jaws
I stalk my prey long after the last dusk has settled across the horizon
The yellows and deep reds of the sky have ceased to be
There exists only black
And the silver eye of the moon
Forests eternally cold as my innermost being
The feeble minded will be stalked on my hunting grounds

Insatiable hunger
Desire to kill
Tonight is the night I must feed

The cover of darkness plays all to my advantage
And all to my preys disadvantage
Little do they know of the ruthless creature maliciously tracking their

every move
An unholy transformation
Triggered by the dawning of the full moon
My skin is reciprocating hues of yellow and red
This is true cold
This is true agony, and desperation
We are the trve Ronald McDonalds

Insatiable hunger
Desire to kill
Tonight is the night I must feed